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A short review of the game for beginners

Madden Mobile Comprehensive Review Since it was launched in 2014, Madden Mobile has become a mega-popular sporting game. EA Sports has taken a bright step by developing the mobile-friendly football games. Madden Mobile platform run in NFL season games completed with characters, venues, teams, and tournaments. Madden mobile is an in-app purchased football game available for Android and iOS which you can download from Google Play Store and iTunes - Apple Store. Madden Mobile is the leading football game mostly played.


Even though you wouldn’t get PC or console graphics quality, the Madden Mobile graphics are astonishing as you’re not finding Tecmo Bowl’s poor graphic here. EA Sports has optimized the graphic to be supported by today’s mobile device tremendous specification. Once you’re playing the Madden Mobile on your smartphone, you’ll get field-like experience from a wider perspective. Since it was launched, Madden Mobile graphics have been optimized over the versions.


If you’re one of NFL regular season die-hard fans, you might be pleased by the presentation. You might put concern on details of player models including their haircuts, tattoos, and skin colors which are okay in Madden Mobile. However, the postures of the players are accurately presented by EA Sports in the Madden Mobile. The numbers and names in the player’s jersey are proportionally applied so you can clearly identify who it should be. It’s an interesting experience as you can have a better presentation of your favorite player right in your hand.


The recent Madden Mobile animation is run smoothly as long as your handled meets the minimum requirement to run this game. The field motions are well adapted to the Madden Mobile animation including throwing, rushing, swinging, tackling, and so forth. The motions are smoothly and accurately animated which follows the responsive controls.

What more breathtaking is the environment or venues for the games. You can find NFL stadiums which are fully surrounded by thousands spectator which are moderately animated and equipped by real crowd sound effects. This allows you to gain field-like interface which is quite good considering you’re using your handle to play it.

Hardware Requirement

If you’re using a two years old smartphone or tablet, then it might be still eligible to play the newest version of Madden Mobile. However, 2 GB RAM and Snapdragon 801 processor class can be the minimum hardware requirements to smoothly run the Madden Mobile. A higher specification may be required to reach optimum graphic works, especially when you intend to play the game for a longer time. It’s due to the fact that the new version of the game may require the higher specs. The same handled used to play the 2014 version may not work well to run the 2017 version, for instance.


Graphics and animations are obviously the eligible features for recent mobile games. However, they have no use if the gameplay isn’t enjoyable and easy-to-play. Football sport actually requires a complicated implementation of gaming, a friendly gameplay is actually a challenging task. Even though it’s not totally perfect yet, EA sports has done a quite good job by providing the users modestly easy controls. It might sweat your hands, but the it’s the right thing to do.

You can control and handle the player movement with analog stick available in screen interface. You can move the player in a more flexible way. A context-sensitive Action button is featured to support tactical and contextual decision during the game. You’ll need to press pre-play button to snap the ball which also allows you to spin, hurdle, or juke the play, this button is your pal. For offense play mode, what you have to do is hitting the button while the players will initially act in the right way.Tackling and forcing are two common movements used for defense, which are less accommodated in the Madden Mobile.


Well, Madden Mobile isn’t rich in modes. The card system allows you to play with the cards you’ve earned. You can earn the player cards from Pro-Packs with the golds you’ve earned form Head-to-Head or Live Events games. This may take some time to upgrade your team with good players. If you want a quick upgrade, the platform allows you to purchase the Madden Cash as the in-game currency to buy the Packs.

At this point, you’ll have to be able to proceed the game any further even though you’ll have to struggle more. In other hands, the stamina system applied in the Madden Mobile, unfortunately, doesn’t allow you moving forward until you have a sufficient stamina. You need to be super patience in reaching new levels so the stamina can be refilled, or simply pay a dollar to continue the game.

However, when it comes to conclusion, Madden Mobile isn’t bad at all. The game is worth to play considering the pampered user experiences while playing this game. In addition, EA has been developing the Madden Mobile since it was launched in 2014 and provides eligible features and developments through Madden Mobile versions. Today, you can download newest versions of Madden Mobile in the Play Store.
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