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To be successfully maintain Madden Mobile gameplay, you need to improve the skills of the players based on their positions including Quarter Back(QB), Running Back(RB), Wide Receiver(WR), Defensive End(DE), Tight End(TE), Left Backer(LB), Cornerback(CB), Kick Returner(KR), Punt Returner(PR), and other positions. Like in the real football match, the Madden Mobile gameplay crosses two major elements: offense and defense. This article informs you with the offense strategy in the Madden Mobile gameplay.

Skill Improvements

Before going through the gameplay, you should improve the skills of your players based on their position for sure. You can simply stock the players of the previously mentioned positions. It’s very important to upgrade them through the progress. You can train them and invest some training points to the players in your lineup.


Like in most NFL matches, the offensive movements are highly related to the speed. What you can do to response the speed need in offensive strategy is maintaining the positions of your player. You need to maintain the tight composition from the front and back of your lineup position. Your lineup should be responsive to the rushing.


It’s either common bugs or it’s just the part of the gameplay(since there’s no improvement through updates), you’re the better runner than AI opponents. You can keep running and take the full control of your players. In other hands, AI players hardly run and control themselves, they don’t go along with the blocks for sure. This way you can run up to 10 yards before clashing the AI opponent.


Passing contributes to your offensive strategy in Madden Mobile for sure. Make sure your passing short and complete during the gameplay. This way, the AI opponents don’t have any chance to steal the ball. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing bronze, silver, or gold player in the gameplay, incomplete passing would harm your offensive strategy. There is no time to wait for the open position of the receiver due to the sucking of your offensive line as the game starts.

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