How to Dominate Head-to-Head Games

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Unlike the Live Events which are regularly rotated in order to seek Cards and collectibles, Head-to-head is a tight battle where you’re confronting the players form various ranks. Indeed, winning head-to-head match allows you to have a greater chance of boosting your ranks. It’s a prestige struggle among the Madden Mobile players to put their names in the Hall of Fame.

Madden Mobile offers various features that you can use to optimize your team. Here are how you can survive and dominate the Head-to-head games:

1. More games

It’s actually inevitable as you need to dig more fans by managing your defense strategy. It’s due to the fact that building a selective-scouting defense in Madden Mobile requires special efforts. The more game you play, the higher rank you’ll get in a quicker time.

2. Managing Gameplan

Like the real madden, the latest version of  Madden Mobile provides a gameplan function which can be used for every game. Instead of crawling and predict any offense strategy patterns of the opponents which is a time-consuming effort, you can simply start with building your own script or gameplan. This allows you to plan the next drives in an easy way. It simply works by identifying which plays were countered by the opponents so you can effectively determine the next drives.

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3. Maintaining Your Defense

As previously mentioned, setting your defense is actually a difficult task. It’s due to the fact that you’ll have to gain and upgrade your gameplan cards. At this point, instead of collecting the bronze cards, you can simply trade them for silver and Gold when the time has come. What is highly advisable is that you should have gameplans that cover your rushing and passing movement in the head-to-head match. It allows you to apply the passing gameplans in default and switch whenever you confront with runner opponents.

4. Reaching 25 Yards

As you enter the initial season, it’s suggested to avoid buying any players from the auction, except a good kicker. It’s like cheating as a 90 KP kicker is able to reach 30 yards while the standard distance is 25 yards. Of course, it doesn’t determine the winning, but you can certainly gain more fans as you reach more than 25 yards. Your rank is potentially boosted.

5. Throwing Away and Touchback

Imagine that you’re in an NFL season game, once the kickoff is landing in the end zone, it’s exhausting yet impossible to catch it. You need to press the fair catch button to gain the touchback. In other hands, you’re suggested to throw away the ball if you’re not in tackle box by pressing the trash can button in the head-to-head display interface. It allows you to avoid any turnover which is very risky if your opponent is a runner.

6. Practice

Like real sporting games, practicing your team and gameplans are inevitable in Madden Mobile. Managing your defense and learning the routes require regular practices. A head-to-head match in Madden Mobile requires you not only be tactical but also accurate without losing the fun.

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