How To Get Players with High OVR

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Madden Mobile is a charming football mobile game available for iOS and Android. Despite many complaints on the gameplay, Madden Mobile still attracts more players and develop new improvement through updates. One of the main concerns in the Madden Mobile is how to get the best players which have better performance than the ordinary players.

The stats of the Madden Mobile players are represented by Overall Rating(OVR). The higher OVR players seem to have better performance. Developing a solid yet strong group could be a daunting task especially when you have to obtain the players with High OVR. Once you get them, your players’ performance in the game modes would be improved significantly.

Here are some methods to get players with high OVR

1. Training Strategies

Most people who’ve played Madden Mobile for a while and got stuck are usually trapped in misperceptions about player cards. They think having gold and elite players is an all-in-one solution, but it’s not. Soon or later, you’ll experience such edgy playing experience. Applying strategic training should be your concern to boost your team performance. Invest your coins or cash to the proper training programs.

2. Original Gamer

Of course, some players would reach their limits after the training points are used. Well, it doesn’t mean that such players can’t contribute. Believe it or not, you can use them to train and educate other players. The good news is that you can move the points of training you’ve spent before to other new players. It could be a useful tool to build a strong team.

3. Sniping in Auction

When you’re in the training programs, the elite players seem to be less efficient than the gold players for sure. So, instead of investing in an Elite player which require you a huge amount of coins, you can snipe tens of gold players in the Auction residence for your training projects. You’ll get the same amount of the training points from those types of players but spend fewer coins on the gold players. You can use the gold players to level up other players.

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4. Potential OVR

If you want to get strong players then you should ensure the potential OVR is high. If it’s possible to take the ones which have potential 100 OVR. This way, you can invest the training points without losing coins. This way, it’s possible for you to train your players to the maximum stats. The rest is about repeating the strategy to manage an even stronger team.

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