How to Obtain Coins in the Madden Mobile Game

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Coins are the main in-game currency of Madden Mobile Game. Coins are used for various purposes including redeeming items, upgrading players, purchasing players, and so forth. It’s impossible to progress in Madden Mobile game without spending coins. That’s why how to earn coins in the Madden Mobile are the prominent topics among the game player. As this article is written, there are millions of people have downloaded and played Madden Mobile game. Fortunately, there are several ways to earn coins in Madden Mobile.

1. Live Events

You can spend your stamina to play the season games and/or live events to earn coins. In most cases, season modes allow you to earn more coins than the Live Events but it takes a longer time. With these two game modes, you can potentially earn up to 10,000 coins. While the season modes seem to be a limited source of coins, Live Events is unlimited by chances.

2. Selling

Despite buying items and players, you’re allowed to sell them in Madden Mobile. At this point, you need to manage your players and learn how to get profit from selling them. It requires some experiences and economic thoughts for sure. For example, you can buy the players at a low price and sell them at the highest price in Auction. You can even sell a whole team to get a bigger number of coins.

3. Auction House

Following the previous tips, the Auction House is your great helper, it helps your playing in Madden Mobiles through so many ways. You can buy the bronze players as many as you can, train them, sell them, and make some profits form them. You would be surprised at how many coins you can earn with this method.

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4. Trophy Pack

Despite selling the players, you can monetize them by using them to get rewards. There will be Bronze Player Trade-In in the locker tab on the sets menu. What you need to do next is to put those poor players into the sets. Madden Mobile will reward you with Trophy packs which mean a lot of money.

5. Selling the Trophy Packs

You can imagine what comes next. Selling your trophies will help you to earn a significant amount of coins as long as you can manage the economy and this method works for any players. The Bronze trophies are worth up to 200 coins, the silver ones are worth up to 1,200 coins, gold trophies are worth up to 4,000 coins, and elite Trophies are worth up to 25,000 coins depending on the player stats in each category. That’s why it’s very important to get the players in the Auction house at the lowest prices so you can gain significant profits from selling the trophies. It also works as incidental coin mining, especially if you have unused players.

6. In-App Purchases

Of course, you can ignore those drills and purchase the coins with your real money through in-app purchases. It depends on the packages and how many coins you want to invest, in-app purchases could be the unlimited source of coins.

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