Learn How to Manage Madden Mobile Lineup

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Madden Mobile has successfully brought the Madden gameplay into the mobile devices. Today, everyone can play Madden Mobile anytime and anywhere they want to. Even though there are many critics, people just enjoy the taste of the National Football League through the gameplay right in their hand palm.

The gameplay is about managing your football team and take them through practices and games through the game modes. However, managing your team lineup in Madden Mobile could be a daunting task. Since it’s one of the crucial parts of Madden Mobiel game experiences, you need to learn how to manage your own lineup for sure. This article could be your guide for sure.


Joining a tournament provides you with the chances of rewards. The rewards could be the generous ones. Depending on the tournaments, you can acquire a significant amount of rewards which are mostly the coins. Why the coins? It’s because coins are the main in-game currency which can be used to develop your lineup in Madden Mobile game. You need the coins to spend eligible players and cards. Your efforts are certainly countable but more coins in your coins provide you with wider options in developing your team. At this point, collecting rewards is the path every player should follow, set your own goals.


If you’ve been playing Maden for a while, then you should be already familiar with the Madden Mobile gameplay. Well, you may need to adjust the controls since Madden Mobile works on different platforms, consoles, and engine. Madden Mobile is available for Android and iOS. The gameplay is quite similar and so is the game experience. So, you can bring your console experience into the mobile version to manage a better lineup as it works in the same way.


Developing the lineup in Madden Mobile is crucially determined by two factors including resources and management. The first one has been mentioned and universally applied to any players while the management is a more flexible variable as most players will do it based on their own discretion. However, you should ensure that squad in the optimum shape. Do some analyses, place the right player in right position, train and drill them, upgrades them, improves their stats, and many more. Your efforts are countable, remember that. The lack of management skills can lead to resource waste.

Sources and Upgrades

Even though there are 400K coins at the first time you start Madden Mobile as the starter pack. You’ll spend the coins all the way through the progress especially to maintain your lineup. Among other expenses, upgrades could be the crucial ones since they’re highly related to your players.

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