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Madden Mobile has successfully brought the NFL experience to the mobile device. Even though some gamers are a little bit disappointed on the conversion from the console to the mobile version, Madden Mobile still attracts millions of players from around the world. The gameplay is okay even though not impressive but the controls are respective and quite addicting if you know how to explore it.

Like real football, there are two major sides of the Madden Mobile match: offense and defense. However, you’ll have to apply a different approach than the real footballers since you fully take control of your players from different positions. You can read our article about offense play. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips of Madden Mobile defense. Check our previous article. There we described Offensive Strategies of gameplay.

Outside Linebacker(OLB) or DE(Defensive Ends)

The main idea is to utilize your OLB and DE, your two major defense forces in Madden Mobile. OLB plays a crucial role on the outside containment by performing tough defensive tasks. These including tackling the opponent’s RB, blitzing the opponent’s QB, covering opponent’s TE, and do the hard work on covering each passing movement.

We can refer to offense basics of the passing. In Madden Mobile gameplay, you need to keep the passing short and fast for the offense. Reversely, you need to rush the opponent’s passers during the match. This way, you can save your behind in case you’ve lost the scrimmage. It’s suggested to plot your OLB and DE to rushing opponent’s offensive players for sure. You’ll also find that this strategy is quite addicting and very fun.

Player Rotations or Changes

It’s not an advanced tip but it does work every time. You can simply rotate or change the players when you need it based on the circumstances. These include when you’re chasing the tackles or when the AI opponent blocks your way. You need to tighten the outside and inside containment to limit the AI’s movement for sure. Changing and rushing are your powerful forces of defense.

Swipe Control

Even though it’s in everybody’s screen but not all of them realize it. You’re actually allowed to intercept the ball thrown by your AI opponents and it’s tactically manifested in your screen in the form of the swipe of command. This command usually appears in such floating balls for sure. What you need to do is swipe your screen at the exact time. The more accurate your swipes the more chances of you effectively intercepting the ball. Well, it’s like the blocking movement except you’re blocking the ball, not the player. Master this swipe control and you’ll get half of your defensive work done.

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